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Never short of critical appraisal since the release of their debut album Music of a Sinking Occasion, Chicago Indie pop outfit L'Altra return now with their highly anticipated fourth studio album Telepathic. The band will be touring Japan before going back to the US for select dates in NYC and performing at SXSW Festival.

L'Altra have been quietly making music for a decade, pushing through the ups and downs of various line-up changes, break-ups and the tender trials of daily life...

It's been nearly 6 years since the stormy collaboration of singer-keyboardist Lindsay Anderson and singer-guitarist Joseph Desler Costa saw the release of their critically acclaimed album Different Days. The duo have since emerged from their respective corners to write and record their brightest effort, Telepathic.

As always, L'Altra's take on indie pop is a gentle wash of hushed guitar, rolling piano, subtle electronics, measured rhythm, synths and strings; all supporting Lindsay and Joe's call and response vocal musings. The band, as if taking a cue from its name: meaning the other woman in any number of romance languages, is truly outside and other.

Telepathic finds L'Altra refining their baroque balladry and expanding their signature Wurlitzer and guitar foundation with collaborators such as Charles Rumback (Colorlist, Via Tania), Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, Sons of Magdalene), Josh Abrams (Bonnie Prince Billy) and Marc Hellner (Pulseprogramming).

'Melancholy and bittersweet... a midwinter night's dream' - NYLON Magazine
'Each song opens into a lush inner dream world' - New York Times
'Dramatic, Ice-cool musicality' - CMJ Weekly
'Their lap-pop micro landscapes are intricately detailed, beaming with uncharacteristic expansiveness in a genre that's often precious and diminutive.' - Pitchfork
'Two ex-lovers from Chicago who tender music that sounds welcoming and warm (their songs are dreamy, slow, and infused with electronic touches) but is in fact isolating and lonely.' - The New Yorker
'So damn pretty' - Rolling Stone
'A sweet marriage of indie-rock guitars, swirling keys, and gently pulsating beats' - SOMA
'Spider-web electronics and hushed vocals finding new life with elements of both folk and emo' - URB
'Slow, hypnotic and seductive' - Time Out New York
'Near perfect essays in understated melancholy' - Q Magazine


released March 15, 2011



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